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Property Managment – 5 Autumn Property Maintenance Tips for Tenants

Whilst Landlords have a responsibility when it comes to regular and seasonal maintenance. Tenants also play their part, and it is important to read and understand those responsibilities stated in your tenancy agreement.  Tenants should make every effort to protect the home from damage, including reporting any maintenance concerns immediately to the landlord or the managing agent. Keep in mind; landlords could hold tenants liable for any damage caused due to failing to report issues.

1. Check the central heating system

The most common time for boiler issues occurs in autumn. Be proactive and check if your boiler and thermostat are working in readiness for winter.

 2. Mould

Prevent mould by keeping the property well ventilated throughout the winter months especially the kitchen and bathrooms.

3.Test Safety Alarms 

Even without a fireplace in your rental property, periodically testing the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is critical for safety. These devices are required by law and can be lifesaving in an emergency. If any of the detectors are not functioning properly, alert the landlord or management agency immediately.

4. Prevent Frozen Pipes 

Drain exterior pipes and hose pipes for the season. The landlord or managing agent can assist with instructions on locating these valves as needed

5. Open Fires/Log or Multi Fuel Stoves

For safety and efficiency make sure you have the chimneys swept before using fires or wood burning stoves.