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Winter Preparations

November 23, 2021 Kate Porter

Now is the time to make sure your property is ready for the winter

01    Check that there is plenty of oil, gas and/or other fuels needed.

02    Check that boilers have been serviced and are in good working order.

03    Chimneys/flues including Aga and Rayburn flues should be swept annually.

04    Check that septic tanks have been emptied.

05    Check that white goods are in good working order.

06    Check that pipes are insulated with lagging where sensible.

07    Pay particular attention to outside taps and it may be worth turning off the water supply all together to outside taps or at least ensuring they are insulated.

08    Check that you are aware of the location of the stopcock and that it works.

09    Check the guttering to ensure it is free from blockages and leaves as this reduces the risks of leaks.

10    If there is a persistent cold spell it is advisable to keep the heating on low constantly to prevent pipes freezing. If you are going away remember to leave the heating on to prevent pipes freezing.

11    Bleed radiators; keeping the heating system healthy is important as low pressure can cause a problem.

12    Maintain good ventilation in the property otherwise damp and mould will develop.

14    If you are going away it is wise to inform somebody who could check on the property for you.

15    Immediately report or attend to any leaks you may have detected however small; it may seem insignificant but a small drip will often lead to a larger problem.

16    Ensure you have torches with full batteries to hand.

If you smell gas – Call the Gas Emergency Services on 0800 111 999.  If you are in immediate danger evacuate the building and then call the Gas Emergency Service.

Water leak – Turn off water at the mains. Isolate that particular supply channel if possible. Switch off electrics if the water leak is near lights or power outlets.

Electrical fault – Check that fuses have not blown, circuit breakers are in the ‘on’ position and that there has not been a power cut in the area.