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Buying or selling in a dynamic market

Property sales
April 28, 2021 Kate Porter

• Be prepared
• Establish an open and honest relationship with an agent you know you can trust
Prior to early 2020, the housing market was influenced by various economic and political factors, making it generally consistent during this period but without much impetus.
However, the past year has seen a dramatic change bought about by the reaction to the pandemic. The reaction has been a change in attitude to lifestyle and working regime. Options on work environment combined with a marked emphasis on the benefits of living in a more rural environment has created enhanced buying and selling across the South.
This shift to buying in the country is one that had already started but has been greatly and exceptionally hastened by the pandemic. Over the past 10 years the South has been an increasingly popular destination for those looking to make the move out of London.
Now the reaction to the events and advice of the past year has ‘opened the floodgates’ and we suspect that the desire to move to the country will continue for the foreseeable future.
And so, to buy or sell in such a dynamic environment our main advice is to be prepared and establish an open and honest relationship with an agent you know you can trust. Agents such as The Country House Company, who are long established in the South and used to selling to the London market, understand exactly what is involved and how to make the move a smooth transaction for vendor and purchaser. If you are looking to put you house on the market then gather together as much information as you can on the house, its workings and history.
Be guided by your agent; transactions will take longer during such a busy time but experienced agents will expertly manage the expectations of both parties and keep everyone informed of the process. Keep communication channels open throughout and react to requests for information as quickly and as comprehensively as possible.
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