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Property available in the Stockbridge, Houghton area?

January 22, 2021 Kate Porter

We have a family looking to rent a family home in the Stockbridge, Houghton area, ideally not far from Farleigh school. Making plans and moving forward with optimism for the future should be encouraged. The Government has emphasized the importance of the property industry for the economy by making it one of the first sectors they opened after the lockdown of spring 2020 and in this current lockdown the property industry, along with removals, surveyors, builders and other associated industries, has remained open. This has enabled families and individuals to go ahead with plans to move areas, change jobs, build extensions and even buy plots and build houses. Plans can be put into action.

The demand for country homes in Hampshire and West Sussex remains high. Families are still looking to move to be close to schools, and the emphasis on the benefits of rural life with access to London which caused the exodus to the countryside last year is keeping the demand for country houses high as we start this year.

So if you are considering moving forward with your plans and looking to rent or sell your property then please do contact either Kate Morton, Head of Lettings or Kate Porter Head of Sales, 02392 632275.