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The Country House Company leads the way with The Greening Campaign

January 29, 2021 Kate Porter

The Greening Campaign, a national campaign started in Petersfield, Hampshire, was designed and established to give communities the tools to be more sustainable in the face of climate change. It is about communities and landscape and Sue Crossley; Founding Partner of The Country House Company, is heading the Greening Campaign in Hambledon.
As the campaign headline states,
If we each make small changes to be greener and cleaner, those changes will add up to make a healthy, richer happier future.
The Greening Campaign provides the structure, resources and guidance to help individual towns and villages join together and work as a community to engage in helping the Climate Crisis.
Working with Winchester Ccity Council and Hampshire County Council, Sue and her team have bought the community of Hambledon together in order to;
• Identify 5 significant changes that households can make to their lifestyle.
• To work as a community to protect the local environment.
• Make a vision for a sustainable community working on sections such as carbon reduction, communication, retrofit, saving water.
• Provide ecology packs that will help to evaluate the risks climate change will bring to the community.
The positive and enthusiastic response from the village to Sue’s initiative to join Hambledon in the Greening Campaign has been hugely encouraging. As Sue said:
“We are all aware that while the immediate crisis of the pandemic dominates our lives the greater crisis of climate change must be addressed and I am delighted that Hambledon has joined with such enthusiasm. The Country House Company will be supporting this brilliant initiative, working with the local and regional community.”
Further details on The Greening Campaign can be found at