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Local shops that actively help reduce plastic waste

March 3, 2020 Kate Porter

We are a proud nation of food lovers but food waste contributes to an enormous proportion of overall waste. There are many ways to combat the rise in food waste and this week we will be focusing on the dreaded plastic pandemic and local companies that can help  cut down on plastic use……………

There are ways in which you can be greener while you shop at the supermarket.
Bring your own bags and containers- try and buy meat and fish at the counters and insist on using your own containers to take it away.
1. Morrisons have started a green initiative where customers get a reward in the form of points on their loyalty card for using their own containers when they are purchasing meat and fish at the counter.
2. M&S in Hedge End have revamped their store and now have more non packaged fruit and veg.
3. Lidl has announced that it will become the first UK supermarket to introduce packaging made from ocean-bound plastic (plastic found within a 50km radius of an ocean coastline) collected from South-East Asia
4. Tesco and Sainsburys offer points on their loyalty cards for anyone who refuses plastic carrier bags

Waste Free Shopping
There are fantastic food retailers in Hampshire that focus on package free shopping and zero waste alternatives for everyday food items.
1. All Good Things of Wickham
This shop focuses on removing unnecessary plastic and has a bring your own container policy. They have delicious meat free alternatives and a good selection of beauty products and domestic cleaning products as well as a great choice of dry food. Whilst their food are more cupboard fillers than fridge fillers, this shop has all the dry food you need at competitive prices, and with no plastic in sight!
2.Using local groceries shops like Hylands in Bishops Waltham or Uplands in Wickham is a fantastic way to do your bit for the environment as they stock local seasonal fruit and veg and avoid the use of unnecessary plastic packaging.
3. To find fantastic bulk food shops and other retailers that provide package free alternatives for your weekly shop search

The plastic problem is just one symptom of the overall problem but cutting down on our usage of ‘useless’ plastic can make a massive difference. The hope is that good habits will create a better future.