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How is your mindset?

February 25, 2020 Kate Porter

With the glimmers of spring approaching we can start to look forward to lighter evenings and new life and energy developing around us all. It may also bring awareness to what we were able to keep to in terms of health and wellbeing through the winter. Have the good intentions that were set in January disappeared already? Don’t beat yourself up if this is true. Time may have passed now but there’s still opportunity to make a difference. As talked about last time, we often make our goals too big a goals, our ideas of change too radical and fall off the wagon all too quickly. Changing your mindset and making your goals smaller, more bite size, and ultimately more achievable is key. Success brings positivism and motivation so take the time to think about how you can enhance these aspects within your goals. A very easy example would be someone who decides they are going to do 20 press ups every morning or night. By day 4/5 I suspect even trying to do 5 press ups feels impossible. So why not change that goal to trying to do 1 everyday? The likely hood of being able to do not just what was set but possibly more than your target will make you feel you are both achieving and over succeeding which is always the best place for your mind to be.
So, look at what you had set out to achieve at the beginning of this year, whether it be for work, home or health. Think about the process needed to reach that success. Make it more of a step by step guide so along the way you are able to ‘tick off’ milestones. The plan might come up against roadblocks such as injuries, delays, family issues and the path might have to take a detour, but by having a process to your goal will allow you to overcome setbacks and keep you focused.
This mindset is used regularly when working with clients in the health and fitness world, training plans are brilliant but something can always throw them out and so by not giving up but just adapting through it is essential for success.
Life is a journey, not a destination – positive mindset can make that journey more rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable. Try it and see what can happen for you!