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New Year: New Intentions

January 20, 2020 Kate Porter

The start of a New Year brings mixed feelings for many and the thought of having to change elements of your life with New Resolutions is a pressure that isn’t always motivating.
So consider using the New Year to bring along new opportunities to try new things, alter your routine to give you more time or just to enjoy your life as it is for another year!
New intentions are a more positive approach to change. Intention means an aim or a plan whereas resolution means a firm decision to do or not to do something. If your ‘resolution’ doesn’t work there is a feeling of failure. That negativity can have an impact to your approach in other areas of your life so to avoid this setting intentions can be a much more positive approach.
In Yoga, teachers can often encourage their students to set intentions at the beginning of the class. This can be anything from relaxation to letting go of a worry that is dominating your thoughts. At the end of the class this helps clients feel calmer, more in control and increases positivity.
New year’s intentions can be simple, bite size objectives that will allow you to feel a sense of accomplishment and control. It can of course include more significant intentions like Job changes, fitness changes or taking a firmer control over areas of your life that you feel are overwhelming. Taking each intention and making them realistic to achieve is also key to success. When working with clients on their fitness intentions it is paramount that we set step by step goals in order to get to the end vision. Approaching more aspects of your life with this mindset can make it feel more attainable and less overwhelming.
So welcome 2020 with a fresh mindset. Positive Intentions could be the key to your success.