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The hidden boarding school boost

November 26, 2019 Kate Porter

A recent article in The Daily Telegraph demonstrated that as boarding schools get more flexible, families are moving within reach of schools, creating competition for homes in nearby villages.

Proximity to a well regarded school is usually a priority for applicants looking to rent family homes. As many boarding schools now offer flexi, mixed or full boarding, many parents are now looking to rent homes near boarding schools.

Jane Gandee, the Headmistress of St Swithun’s School in Winchester, featured in the article with the observation that she has seen families thinking harder about family logistics and was quoted as saying, “What we sometimes see is that with an older daughter they might dip a toe in the water by weekly boarding and then they might have one or two other children and start to think it is actually really nice to have a bit more space away from London, so we find they move down to Hampshire”. Gandee went on to say, “We might even find one sibling boarding and one as a day girl – we can still be pretty flexible and I think that’s really important for a modern parent”.

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