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Top tips for selling your home

January 25, 2019 Kate Porter

There can be a lot of pressure in January to make extensive plans, set lots of aims for the year and expectation that this year will be the year of change. Whatever the year may bring time spent in preparation is never time wasted. If you are even simply exploring the possibility of selling then it is wise to start making small changes and alterations that can potentially add value to a house and at the very least increase the chances of a quicker sale.
1. First impressions count
Most buyers form their first impressions within seconds of walking through the front door. If you have a front garden, spend a little time sprucing it up. A few plant pots and a clear pathway can make the front of your house more appealing and don’t forget to clean your front door, it can make a huge difference. The first impression is also the last impression so make it a good one!
2. Tidy hallways and entrance rooms
Hallways and other circulating spaces should be tidy and free of excessive furniture. The length and width of each room should be immediately apparent in order to give a good indication of size and space.
3. Clear worktops and de-clutter
Dirty or cluttered rooms can be an immediate turn off for some buyers, so take some time to clean each room from top to bottom paying special attention to high impact rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. You should also think about having a spring clean; if there’s too much furniture, and things like children’s toys and unused gym equipment lying around, it can make the property feel smaller. After a deep clean your home will smell fresh and be much more appealing to potential buyers.
4. Add a lick of paint
Neutral colours are appealing to buyers; a fresh coat of paint will brighten up your home and will allow would-be buyers to envisage themselves living in the space.
5. Crack out the toolbox
Straightforward DIY jobs such as filling holes in walls and checking for clogs in the guttering are easy to do and is one less thing your buyer needs to think about doing once they’ve moved in. Getting any problems fixed before putting the house on the market is a smart idea.
6. Pay attention to the garden
Often houses in the country are bought for the outside lifestyle. Focus strongly on the garden, particularly if a family house as the children’s lifestyle outdoors will be a significant factor. Now is the time to, mow, trim, plant, check fences and jet wash paths!
7. Clean windows
For better light but also because buyers always look out of them in each room to understand the aspect and orientation.