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Trust the process

April 10, 2018 Kate Porter

Here at The Country House Company we were delighted to hear that the government has revealed a huge overhaul of the industry that will include mandatory qualifications for agents and greater transparency about referral fees. It is frustrating, when there are so many professionals in the business, that the reputation of an industry can be tarred by the actions of a few rogue agents. We do not charge referral fees and are careful to ensure that any referrals we make are only when a client has asked for information on a solicitor, surveyor, mortgage broker, insurance agent or such like. We would only recommend professionals we have worked with in the past or have been recommended and we are confident of their service.

In a previous blog I mentioned the amount of legislation that has to be dealt with by landlords and agents. Some of this legislation is for the good of the industry and the introduction of mandatory qualifications, greater transparency and more accountability is to be encouraged and supported across the industry.

Secretary of State for Housing Sajid Javid stated, “We will require estate agents to hold a qualification so that people are no longer at risk from a minority of ‘rogue agents’ and can trust the process when buying or selling their home”.

We are professional, qualified and are members of ARLA Propertymark, and looking forward to other agents having to reach the same standard; trust us to help you through the process.

Marishelle Gibson