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The right tenant for the right property

March 26, 2018 Kate Porter

There has been some publicity recently on the rights of landlords to stipulate whether or not applicants with pets are allowed to be considered as potential tenants. No doubt this is an argument that will rumble along for a while and here at The Country House Company we have landlords with properties where they welcome pets, others where they allow dogs but not cats and visa versa, and others where they would rather not have pets at all.

We totally respect the wishes of the landlord. When we first meet a landlord a vital part of the conversation is the profile of the tenant they are looking for. The landlord usually has a clear idea of the suitability of the property be it for individuals or families with or without pets, and our job and expertise as a letting agent is finding the right tenant for that property.

We spend time with the applicants and the landlords to ensure the match is going to work for both parties. One of the keys to being a good letting agent is having the training and experience to know when an applicant is right for a property and the patience to wait and be thorough in finding the perfect match – one of the many enjoyable and rewarding aspects of this profession!