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London IS coming to the country!

August 29, 2017 Kate Porter

There was an interesting piece in The Times on Saturday about the property market dynamics where the opening lines allude to train fare increases affecting the migration route out of London to commuter areas, and that there had been an increase in people moving into the capital. On closer examination and reading the rest of the article, it is further commented that it would hard to conclude that the reduction in commuter towns guide prices was down to this in ANY context. More expensive property prices in London easily outweigh a few hundred pounds additional rail fares from commuting areas….tens of thousands of pounds difference to buy back into London. Indeed the gap between property prices in London and the country, whilst closing, are more compelling than ever, as evidenced in the article where, in 2017 so far, it is claimed that 51,000 have moved from London into the commuter belt and only 10,000 have done the reverse!  London IS coming to the country and many are approaching us early on because they discover our brand name which clearly indicates our area of specialisation.

Patrick Glynn-Jones