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Appeal of Winchester and the UK

November 28, 2016 Martyn Arnold

After my family’s visit to The Christmas Market and ice skating at Winchester Cathedral on Sunday, we returned home to read a piece in The Sunday Times that referred to the significance of a Christmas Market to an area. Of those cities that have Christmas markets, Winchester featured third in terms of price growth over the last 5 years… 42%. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful city in our midst, particularly at Christmas…and well worth a visit!
Interestingly another article talked about the exchange rate effects for international property buyers in the UK and how there has been a discernible sea change in buyer profile to reflect this. This became pertinent for us this morning when a family called wanting a valuable home as they are moving here from the UAE. Our education system was a key driver for them but it can’t be ignored that their timing is spot on as the £ to Dirham exchange has improved significantly over the last year making a home in the UK almost 20% less expensive in real terms.

Patrick Glynn Jones