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What the proposed rental reforms mean for landlords

October 18, 2023 Kate Porter

The Government has introduced a bill that aims to deliver “safer, fairer and higher quality homes in the private rented sector for tenants and landlords”.*

What does the bill include?

The bill aims to ensure that tenants have greater security in their homes and that landlords have the recourse they need to remove anti-social tenants or when they have a change in their own circumstances. The proposal includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Making it illegal in England for landlords to evict tenants ‘without fault’ and requiring landlords to provide a reason for reclaiming the property (the proposed changes in England follow similar measures already introduced in Scotland and Wales).
  • Creating a new Ombudsman to help resolve tenant and landlord disputes.
  • Launching a new online Property Portal to provide a hub of rental information, including a database of residential landlords and privately rented properties in England.
  • Enabling tenants to request the right to have a pet in the property, which a landlord can’t refuse without good reason.
  • Outlawing bans on renting to tenants in receipt of benefits or with children.
  • Ensuring that all private rented sector homes in the UK meet a legislated Decent Homes Standard.

When will the Renters (Reform) Bill become law?

Introduced on the 17th of May 2023, as part of the Government’s 2019 manifesto for England, the bill will need to go through the usual parliamentary process before it can become actual legislation.   It is unlikely that that will happen before spring 2024 and may still be subject to changes.

What action do you need to make as a landlord?

There is no imminent change that will affect landlords and tenants alike, and most landlord/tenant relationships will remain unaffected post any legislation changes.

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